Morton Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisor (RIA) firm providing independent, conflict-free consulting services including strategy development, implementation and monitoring of clients total portfolio. We offer varying levels of service to meet the unique needs of each client. Ranging from comprehensive portfolio oversight to research and reporting, our services are designed to meet each clients specific needs in the financial planning and investment process.

As our business is focused on serving individual households, our scope of services are designed to be flexible and encompass a wide array of functions in addition to those stated above. We provide our clients with a precise investment plan, a hands-on advisory partnership, and an administrative support as required. We recognize the unique challenges clients face in managing their assets, including the impact of taxes, inflation, income needs, generational planning, philanthropic interest, and trust structures. When developing investment policies, we consider each clients specific financial objectives, liabilities, trust structures, educational needs, and risk tolerances. We also work closely with our clients legal and tax advisors to address the clients investment needs. If clients do not have suitable advisors in these areas, we can refer them to professional with whom we have long standing relationships, as well as research others that best fit their needs.

We view strong and personal relationships with our clients as not only our fiduciary responsibility, but a key to our success as consultants, in ensuring that we fully understand and plan accordingly for their financial needs. To enable this level of service, we leverage technology, an experienced and well-rounded team, and external relationships with our expert advisors that we have cultivated over many years.